A note from the devs,

Since our creative journey began, Always Forward has been our singular mantra. From the early prototypes to more recent late night development sessions - Always Forward - and always with you in mind. Whether it was small steps or great leaps forward - our dedication is to create a game fitting of the vision we honed, while inspiring experiences we know you'll love. It is not our past that defines us, but it reminds us of how truly far we have come. And that makes us grateful for each of our fans. Whether you started with us leaping through skyscrapers or recently joined us on the journey, we thank each of you for your patience as we perfect our game. So, we are proud to reward our loyal supporters with a brief glimpse of our forward vision. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, we're sure you'll love what's ahead and we hope you'll join us as we return to zero.

Watch the teaser:

About Samurai Zero

Samurai Zero is a Multiplayer Action RPG Game set in the science-fantasy world of Edo. Every conflict is an intense champloo of the power of the unknown, fusing samurai power fantasies and over-the-top action. In Samurai Zero, a host of characters with their own special abilities and personalities fight across an ever-changing fantasy landscape inspired by the Japanese Age of the Samurai.

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